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We are CRM & ERP services provider. CRM is a better way to manage your sales, projects, team, clients & marketing - on a single platform. Powerful, affordable & easy to use software for your business.

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Manage Sales

Our visual sales pipeline prompts you to take action, remain organized and stay in control of the complex sales process.

Customize Your CRM

Easily customize your sales pipeline, filters, contacts and deals to suit any type of sales process with CRM & ERP services. 


Contact Management

Manage all contacts from one place, get a clear overview, and build better relationships with CRM & ERP services



Work with clients, partners and your team. With the option to keep things private, you control what the client (and team members) can see.


Team Calender

Schedule and track meetings, tasks, milestones and events for you or other team members.


Reports & Dashboard

Gain instant visibility and insights you need to make informed decisions in real-time. Spot issues before things go off-track.

Industries we serve...

Manfacturing plant CRM by EngiNerds


School management CRM (Enginerds)


Hopital staff and patient management CRM EngiNerds


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